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SOLAR INVEST UK LTD is an international investment scientific and production company, which invests in the development, production and installation of environmentally friendly sources of electricity. Currently and in the foreseeable future is one of the most promising types of business. Agree, because without electricity human life no longer makes sense. As the production of electricity does not have time to develop the rapid needs of humanity. This circumstance prompted him to occupy this niche in the business, besides the company's goal is the production of inexpensive and environmentally friendly electricity derived from natural sources: wind, water and sun.

Solar Invest is investing heavily in factories that manufacture energy equipment and enterprises engaged in installation and erection of solar panels, wind generators and underwater tidal turbines. Thus, the company becomes a partner of these companies, helping them in development. The greatest interest we pay to young companies just starting to develop the production of clean electricity. In addition, the company itself produces power, dealing with installation for technological equipment for power plants.


For what would anyone who wants to become our affiliate and partner companies producing green electricity, we have developed an online investment platform that enables fast, easy and safe to merge producer and investor. Now any potential investor, even from the most distant countries will be able to be our partner at the same time to obtain high profit in a short time. It is enough to pass simple registration on the website www.solar-invest.org and to make a Deposit in any of the investment plans, and your income, you will start to receive the next day. Your personal data will be securely stored on our secure server, but committed transactions are absolutely safe, so data about them is sent over an encrypted channel that has the maximum degree of protection. This is evidenced by the advanced security certificate, EV SSL, the existence of which indicates the green bar in the address bar of your browser, so-called grinbar.

Solar Invest UK Limited

Solar Invest UK Ltd is the official English company registered under number 10080617 in the register of companies in the UK. The company conducts its operations from March 22, 2016, Director of the company is Mr. Valentin O'Sullivan, with extensive experience in management. Under his competent management team our company is developing dynamically, showing a very strong financial performance. Headquarters Solar Invest located in the heart of London, but has offices in four countries, making the functioning of the company is very efficient, as you can see, becoming a successful investor in our company.

Successful investing!
Valentin O'Sullivan
Director of Solar Invest UK Ltd

Valentine O'Sullivan


It is with great pride I introduce to the global project of our team. Our online investment platform SOLAR-INVEST.ORG allows you to receive profit to any investor of the most remote corners of our planet, and this any of our investor will care about the environment, investing in production of environmentally friendly energy sources.

Rick Bourz


Our future clean and renewable sources of energy, so that the production will always be in demand, and investing in the production of environmentally friendly sources of electricity will always get a great profit.

Victoria Brown


Our sales and support will allow you to feel confident while investing. We are always happy to provide you with any help and support. Successful investment!

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