Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Company’s activity legal?

Yes, we are an officially registered Company. SOLAR INVEST UK LTD is an international scientific production company that invests into scientific research and industrial production of synthetic gemstones. It is registered in the Unified Register of Companies of the United Kingdom. You can always learn more about us by visiting the ‘About Us’ and ‘Contacts’ sections on our website.

What does your company do in order to make a profit?

Solar Invest is investing heavily in factories that manufacture energy equipment and enterprises engaged in installation and erection of solar panels, wind generators and underwater tidal turbines. Thus, the company becomes a partner of these companies, helping them in development. The greatest interest we pay to young companies just starting to develop the production of clean electricity. In addition, the company itself produces power, dealing with installation for technological equipment for power plants.

How do I change the data that I inserted during the registration?

For security reasons, you cannot change your e-mail address, or the electronic wallets data. We strongly recommend to be careful when filling the sections of the registration form where you need to insert your e-mail, all the e-wallets of the electronic payments systems that you intend to use to invest into our program or to receive additional income by participating in our Affiliate System.

How many accounts can be registered in your program?

We supervise all the registered accounts. If multiple registrations are detected, all the accounts and assets of the user will be frozen until the circumstances are clarified. In any case, registering multiple accounts in our program is prohibited.

Which currencies can be used for investing in your program?

The investment process is maintained in USD. Please note that in case of investing into our program with use of BITCOIN, all the financial transactions are performed according to the corresponding USD rate of this cryptocurrency when the financial transaction is performed.

What periods of investment are available in your program?

SOLAR INVEST UK LTD offers four investment options, each available for the following investment periods: 7, 15, 25, and 30 days. You can learn more about the investment terms by visiting the ‘Investments’ section.

What interest rates are offered by your company?

The profitability provided by our investment plans varies from 0.7% to 4.7% of your deposit a day. In order to learn more about the profitability, please visit the ‘Investments’ section.

What are the minimum and maximum that I can invest into your program?

The minimum investment amount is 10 USD, the maximum is 5,000 USD.

What is the minimum and the maximum funds that I can withdraw from the program by creating a payment request?

The minimum sum available for withdrawal is 1.0 USD; the maximum sum available for withdrawing from the program after creating a single payment request is 10,000 USD.

What electronic payment systems can be used in your program?

You can invest using the following electronic payment systems: BITCOIN, AdvancedCash, Perfect Money, Nixmoney, PAYEER and others.

How soon after the payment does my deposit become active?

Activation of the deposit made with the use of all the electronic payment systems, except for BITCOIN, occurs instantly. Activation of the deposit made via BITCOIN will take time to check and confirm the transaction.

How soon can I start earning and making a profit?

You will get your first profit 24 hours after the activation of your deposit. Please visit the ‘Investments’ section in order to learn more about the investment plans which allow you to make profits daily.

Are there any commissions or other commission payments in the program?

SOLAR INVEST UK LTD doesn’t take any commission for maintaining investors’ accounts. However, you should take into consideration the commissions that will be withdrawn by your payment processors according to their terms of service. For example, if the Nixmoney electronic payment system is used for a money transfer, the commission will be 0,5% of the transferred amount, but no less than 0,05 USD; if you use Perfect Money, you will pay 0,05% of the transferred amount on condition that you have a verified wallet; if you transfer money via BITCOIN, you will pay 0,2% of the transferred amount; if you receive money via PAYEER, for example, it will withdraw a 0,95% commission of the amount that we transferred to your account.

How soon can I receive money to my e-wallet after creating a payment request?

All payment requests are processed every day.
Warning! Withdrawals are instant for amount to $500, requests to withdraw more than $500 is processed within 1-24 hours manually.

Can I withdraw the deposit amount before the investment plan period expires?

No. Can't. In our investment platform, this option is not provided.

Can I make a deposit using one electronic payment system, and withdraw money to another?

No, this transaction is unavailable. All the financial transactions are only performed in the payment system that you used in order to make a deposit.

Is there an Affiliate System provided in the program?

Yes. We offer our investors extensive opportunities for active additional income. In order to learn more about our affiliate offers, please visit the ‘Affiliate Program’ section.

Will I receive an affiliate reward if I don’t have a deposit in the program?

Yes. Read more about it in the ‘Affiliate Program’ section.

What should I do if I forgot the password for my account, or if I have discovered that my account has been hacked?

In all similar cases we recommend you to contact our Customer Support instantly and describe your situation in detail. We will solve the problem immediately once we have checked the information you reported.

I couldn’t find an answer to my question. What should I do?

In order to get guidance on any question you have about investing or how our program works, contact our consultants by visiting the Support Section.