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Referral program
Solar Invest UK Ltd

Dear participants of our project! We note the company implemented the possibility of additional earnings. First of all, I would like to say that the Affiliate System[*], which is presented to Your attention, developed without taking into account what kind of investment plan, use Your partners for investing in our program. This does not depend on the size of the partnership compensation, which You'll be able to, bringing in the project active investors.

The basic conditions of the referral program Solar Invest UK Ltd

Partner's remuneration for the contribution Your partner made to any investment plan, You will be credited in accordance with the amount invested you have invited people. Referral fee is available for withdrawal only to the electronic payment system with which the Deposit was made to Your partner.

The size of the referral commission

The affiliate system in our project has no sub-levels, that is, you get a referral Commission only for the attracted investor. Affiliate rewards is 7% of the amount of his Deposit and does not depend on his investment, that is, you get a referral Commission every time when the Deposit or reinvestment.

VIP partner

If you have attracted investor makes a Deposit of $500 and above, you automatically become a VIP partner, and the amount of your referral fee is automatically increased to 11% , but only on deposits of $500 and above.

Successful investment!

[*] Referral program terms can change, but these changes will not apply to deposits made before the entry into force of the changes. Stay tuned.


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  • Valentine O'Sullivan, Director
    It is with great pride I introduce to the global project of our team. Our online investment platform SOLAR-INVEST.ORG allows you to receive profit to any investor of the most remote corners of our planet, and this any of our investor will care about the environment, investing in production of environmentally friendly energy sources.
  • Rick Bourz, Engineer
    Our future clean and renewable sources of energy, so that the production will always be in demand, and investing in the production of environmentally friendly sources of electricity will always get a great profit.
  • Victoria Brown, Manager
    Our sales and support will allow you to feel confident while investing. We are always happy to provide you with any help and support. Successful investment!

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