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Service agreement

This is an Agreement between the investment company SOLAR INVEST UK LIMITED (’Company’), established in full compliance with United Kingdom legislation, and an individual (’Client’).

  1. The Company does not provide counseling about the services offered for the particular Client’s requests; also, the Company doesn’t perform any action on behalf of the Client, especially regarding tax issues. Any information on the Company’s website should not be seen as a recommendation or suggestion to invest into any service.
  2. All funds are accepted and paid in US dollars through the electronic payment systems PerfectMoney, PAYEER, AdvancedCash, Nixmoney and BITCOIN. The company may add other means of payment and/or digital currencies any time at its discretion.
  3. The minimum investment amount is $10. The maximum investment limit is $5,000. The investment made by the Client starts bringing income from the next trading day after the given investment was made, in accordance with the common Company practice.
  4. The Client is offered daily income at a fixed interest rate, the size of which depends on the chosen investment plan.
  5. The Client can re-invest or withdraw the accounted interest any time, weekends excluded.
  6. Asset payment requests will be processed during INSERT hours. The Client can request an asset payment only in the digital currency that he or she previously used to make a deposit.
  7. The Client has a right to use the Affiliate System in accordance with the Affiliate Program Terms.
  8. All the interest income and assets earned from the Affiliate System is paid on a tax-free basis. The Client understands and agrees the he or she is personally responsible for abiding by the laws and regulations on the payment of income taxes at the place of Client’s permanent residence or at the place of permanent legal jurisdiction.
  9. The Client bears responsibility for any exchange transactions and processing of payments that can occur in connection with his or her use of the electronic payment systems after the Company has paid assets to the Client’s account.
  10. Offering and accepting investment herein provided may be forbidden or limited in certain jurisdictions. The Client, or any individual who is considering taking part in the investment process in the Company, is responsible for abiding by all the legal provisions and rules in force in his or her jurisdiction in regard to the investment process, exchange controls, taxes and other similar issues.
  11. In order to open an account and start investing, The Client must be the age of majority, and should be at least 18 years of age in all cases.
  12. If the Client doesn’t agree to the information about the current status of his or her account, the Client should immediately notify the Company about it.
  13. The Company reserves the right to contact the Client concerning money withdrawal requests or other transactions for a security check. The Company will not be responsible for any delay or losses incurred for failing to contact the Client in order to complete the security check.
  14. The Company assumes no responsibility for any losses resulting from a delay in transferring the assets that occurred due to reasons that are beyond the control of the Company. The Company bears no responsibility for any losses or detriments that occurred as a result of hostilities, political interference, internal regulations, or influence from foreign authorities, or events that take place as a result of catastrophes and natural disasters.
  15. The Company reserves the right to make changes to this Agreement at any time. Such changes and additions are considered accepted upon their appearance in the text of this document.
  16. This Service Agreement should be governed by and construed in accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. All parties to the Agreement accept the binding authority of the exclusive jurisdiction of the British courts in the event of resolution of any dispute and / or disagreement between the parties.
  17. Every deposit is considered a private transaction between the Company and the Client.
  18. The Client agrees that all the information, contacts, records that are received from either of the parties are confidential and are protected from any disclosure. Aside from that, data, communications, and records that comprise the contents of this document should not be regarded as an investment offer in any jurisdiction that considers non-public offers illegal. All the information presented to the Client should be used privately and cannot be disclosed or transferred to third parties. The Company bears no responsibility in case of loss of the data by the Client.
  19. The Client confirms that he or she is investing deliberately at their sole discretion. The Client confirms that he or she understands the fact that prior results are not an explicit or alleged guarantee of achieving the same results in the future. The Client confirms that all the information on the Company’s website is intended for guidance only and does not constitute advice or an appeal to conducting investment activity.
  20. Use of the Company’s website by the Client is considered as his or her declaration of consent to this Agreement.
  21. This Agreement is irrevocable and it is functioning with all the possible amendments and changes until the full completion of the cooperation between the Parties.
  22. All the sections of the Company’s website, as well as their contents, should be considered as an inseparable part of this Agreement in regard to regulation of the terms and / or offers that are described in them.
  23. In case you don’t understand something and have questions, stop the registration process on the Company’s website and request advice from the Company’s Customer Support. If you do not agree with this Agreement for other reasons, do not register on the Company’s website.


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